LCD Screen Size 1.8”
LCD Type Color
Cable Type Attached
Cable Length 0.7 (m)
Pin Count 9
Keypad Button Count 5
Connectivity BLE
Power From Vehicle
Dimension 5.93 W x 119.94 D x 22.52 D (mm)
Firmware Update USB Type C

Tool Functions

Reads & Clears Engine OBD2 Trouble Codes
Emission/SMOG Check Readiness 3-LED Light
Auto Re-Link
Code Priority: Identify the primary DTC code
Code Severity Alert
Show Code Definition
Battery and Alternator System Test
View Live Data Stream

RS2 App Functions

Verified Fix Database for Parts Needed for Repair
Technical Service Bulletin/Recalls Information
Error Code Layman's Definition
Error Code's Effect on Vehicle
Commercial Repair Shop Referral
Scheduled Maintenance
Predicted Repairs