A girl just saved a lot of money by using BLCKTEC 410 OBD2 scanner to troubleshoot her car

Decode check engine light into plain English and save thousands

with BLCKTEC 410 Bluetooth OBD2 scanner


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“Amazingly useful tool with app and bluetooth connectivity.
Best money I've spent in a long time.”

G. Christopher Crawford
Verified customer

Meet your car-savvy best friend,
the BLCKTEC OBD2 scanner

saving money

Save thousands

Find out how much repairs should cost to avoid rip-offs.

maintaining a car

Easy to use

No complex jargons or rocket science involved. Just plug and scan.

keeping cars running smooth

Prevent breakdowns

Spot and fix problems before they occur down the road.

stress free driving

Drive stress-free

Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your car’s health.

BLCKTEC OBD2 scanners are nifty plug-in devices that translate your car’s mysterious check engine light codes into plain English, giving you advice on what might need attention.

A person plugging in an OBD2 scanner by BLCKTEC

Uncover what car owners
cannot stop raving about

Works perfectly on my 1997 4runner

“Thank god for this, half the price of the one at my local parts store and no bloatware. Just an app that works. They don’t try to sell you a premium service to access the device you just bought.”


Verified Buyer  

Affordable and Efficient

“I am thoroughly impressed with this bluetooth car code reader. Its ease of use and feature-rich app make it a standout tool. ”


Verified customer

AWESOME scanner, great value!

“This scanner did wonders for me. I was a bit iffy about getting a scanner that works thru Bluetooth, as pairing can be a bit tricky for bluetooth scanners. But this one was a breeze to pair.”


Verified customer

Excellent device for diagnosing vehicle problems.

“It's so convenient compared to other OBD II readers that only give you codes that then must be referenced in a book.”


Verified customer

User-Friendly and comprehensive

“This bluetooth vehicle scanner has been a breath of fresh air. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. The free app was a pleasant surprise, offering extensive features at no additional cost.”

Zhun Wang

Verified customer

Well worth the purchase

“This device is great. Very easy to use, very detailed in info given and gives the option to find a repair shop”

Iceberg Mike

Verified customer

check engine light

Check engine light on? Try BLCKTEC

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More reasons to choose BLCKTEC

Diagnose your check engine light

the right fix

Beyond code reading, our OBD2 scanners provide the largest verified fix database to help customers identify and fix the problem.


One scanner,
unlimited scans

Our scanners support unlimited vehicle scans and reports, as well as free firmware updates, saving you costs on future purchases

free RepairSolutions 2 app

Premium App

Get valuable insights from our top-rated RS2 app, including confirmed fixes, predicted repairs, and more. No subscription needed.

US tech support

Unrivaled US
Customer Support

We have local Americans on the line, ready to answer your questions in English or Spanish. All you need to do is pick up the phone.

American company

Proudly made.
Proudly USA

Unlike most competitors, BLCKTEC is a 100% American company, dedicated to providing quality products by Americans, for Americans.

Basic Bluetooth Dongle

410 - Basic Diagnostics
410 - Basic Diagnostics
410 - Basic Diagnostics
410 - Basic Diagnostics
410 - Basic Diagnostics
410 - Basic Diagnostics
410 - Basic Diagnostics
410 - Basic Diagnostics
410 - Basic Diagnostics
410 - Basic Diagnostics
410 - Basic Diagnostics
410 - Basic Diagnostics
410 - Basic Diagnostics
410 - Basic Diagnostics
410 - Basic Diagnostics
410 - Basic Diagnostics
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Features that empower you to go the extra mile

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Fast Reliable Delivery

With Amazon's reliable shipping service on all orders, you'll receive speedy delivery to most locations (within the US). For any special requests, please reach out to our customer service team. Your peace of mind is our top priority.


Free Returns

Not sure about buying a scanner? We offer a 30 day returns policy on all our products. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your product, you can return your product for a full refund. Simple, no fuss returns.

1 year


We back our products with a 1-year warranty. If your scanner encounters a fault or breaks through no fault of your own within that period, we'll replace it for free. That's our promise to you."

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Free premium app RS2

Get verified fixes from the highest-rated auto repair app in the US.

No subscription needed. EVER

Stay informed about recalls, TSB updates,
predicted repairs, and more.


user downloads


check engine light

Trouble codes



Reviews worldwide



Verified fixes


5 star reviews

Five-star ratings


Get for iOS and Android

Apple App store
google play

*RepairSolutions2 App is ONLY available for download in USA and Canada Apple App Store and Google Play Store and it will NOT work in other countries.

BLCKTEC 410 Telematics Lite

Stay ahead of car troubles

Save up to 10% now

Starting from

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Get started with 3 quick & easy steps

Plug in the BLCKTEC OBD2 scanner

Step 1: Plug it in

Plug the scanner into your car’s OBD2 port, which is typically located beneath the dashboard, near the driver’s seat.

Turn on the power

Step 2: Turn the key

urn the ignition to “ON” position & download the FREE RS2 app. The scanner easily connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Scan your car for issues and translate codes into plain English

Step 3: Start scanning

Monitor your car’s vitals on your phone and get ready to troubleshoot

Call us! We have Americans on the line, ready to help

BLCKTEC leads the field because we are a 100% US company. We provide unrivaled customer support, by Americans, for Americans

Besides US-based call support, we also have:

live chat

24/7 email support

Talk to one of our experts

English & Spanish available

BLCKTEC US based tech support
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BLCKTEC scanner supports all OBD2-compliant cars which are vehicles sold and registered in the USA and Canada after 1996, including sedans, light trucks, SUVs, and hybrids vehicles.

RepairSolutions2 App is only available in the USA and Canada.

Don't get fooled by mechanics,
find the true cost of repairs

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The BLCKTEC Difference

Our tools are designed for accuracy and ease, standing head and shoulders above the rest

Feature Other Scanners
Subscription Fee Zero Subscription Fees Hidden Subscription Fees
Design  Users Friendly & Easy Set-up Clunky design, hard to use
Application Dedicated App with Regular Updates  Limited-feature app
Verified Fixes Provide Verified Fixes & Estimated Costs  No Guidance
Support US based ASE Certified Support  Limited or No support
Scans Unlimited Vehicle Scans  Limited Number of Scans