420 Diagnostic Tool

Compact, quick and effective for any skill level.

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More Information, Less Headaches

Get more out of the BLCKTEC 420. Understand the severity of the issue and how urgent a fix is needed. We also organize the fault codes by priority, which means no more swapping out unnecessary parts! Save time and money with us.

More Than Just a Code Reader

Gain access to detailed engine information that will help you make informed repair decisions. Comes with premium features that will help you save money and avoid costly repairs and breakdowns.

Clear Check
Engine Light

Issue Severity

Unlimited Vehicle Scans

Detailed Diagnistics

Predicted Reparis

Verified Fixes

Battery/Alternator Test

Parts Picker

Best In-Class Database

BLCKTEC utilizes only the best for the best. We contract automotive data directly from OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), which means the data we provide you are of the utmost quality. We retrieve quality data from major automotive players such as Toyota, GM, Hyundai, Mercedes, and more.

Lightweight & Easy To Carry

The BLCKTEC product was designed with usability in mind. Extremely light-weighted, this device can be carried around at all times and does not require any battery to operate. Simply turn on your vehicle's ignition, and let the magic unfold!

Super Easy To Use

The BLCKTEC product is as easy an OBD2 tool can get. Perfect for beginner DIYers, this plug-and-play OBD2 scanner can perform an impressive array of functions including, but not limited to, erasing fault codes and identifying the main error code that caused your MIL to turn on.

Patented, All-in-One Display

See everything you need to know up front. Easy to use
buttons that can be used to navigate through the device.

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Premium App Included

Enjoy our free all-inclusive app! Zero subscriptions. Free lifetime updates. It is currently the highest-rated repair app in the United States and is extremely easy to use. Access all kinds of features such as free TSBs, recalls, upcoming maintenance, predicted repairs, and more.

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