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Meet your car-savvy best friend,
the OBD2 scanner

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Save thousands

Find out how much car repairs should cost to avoid rip-offs.

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Easy to use

No complex jargons or rocket science involved. Just plug and scan.

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Prevent breakdowns

Spot and fix problems before they occur down the road.

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Drive stress-free

Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your car’s health.

BLCKTEC OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostics II) scanners are nifty plug-in devices that translates your car’s mysterious check engine light codes into plain English, giving you advice on what might need attention.

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BLCKTEC 440 430 420 410 400 OBD2 car scanners

Find out which is the right
scanner for you

Reasons to choose BLCKTEC

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the right fix

Beyond reading and clearing trouble codes, our OBD2 scanners provide the largest verified fix database to help customers identify and fix car problems.

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One scanner,
unlimited scans

Our auto scanners support unlimited vehicle scans and reports, as well as free firmware updates, saving you costs on future purchases.

Reading and clearing car codes on a smartphone with Repair Solutions 2 app

Premium App

Get valuable insights from our top-rated RS2 diagnostic app, including confirmed fixes, predicted repairs, and more. No subscription needed.

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Unrivaled US
Customer Support

We have local Americans on the line, ready to answer your questions in English or Spanish. All you need to do is pick up the phone.

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Proudly made.
Proudly USA

Unlike most competitors, BLCKTEC is a 100% American company, dedicated to providing quality products by Americans, for Americans.

Trusted by over
10,000 drivers on the road

A lot more bang for your buck

"Works better than the expensive scanner that costs thousands of dollars. It scanned my car's issues more in detail and am glad that I bought it."

Francisco V

Stellar experience!

"Right off the bat, I was quite impressed. I plugged it into the Toyota and immediately identified that a wiring issue was causing the SRS light to illuminate. I was able to diagnose the problem and even had a query, to which I received an email response within 24 hours."

Kayla P.

5 Stars!

"I recently purchased a wireless OBD2 sensor, and I am thrilled with its outstanding performance and convenience. This little device has transformed the way I interact with my vehicle, and I can confidently say it deserves a solid 5-star rating."

Brandon W.

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Man holding a BLCKTEC OBD2 Bluetooth code reader

We've got the perfect OBD2 Scanner for
every type of driver

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430 Pocket sized Bluetooth dongle

Precision diagnostics on-the-go

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440 Advanced handheld

Upgrade to a larger screen

BLCKTEC 440 430 420 410 400 OBD2 car scanners

Don't Know which scanner
to choose?

Find your OBD2 scanning tool
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Get verified fixes from the highest-rated auto repair app in the US.

No subscription needed. EVER

Stay informed about recalls, TSB updates,
predicted repairs, and more.


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Diagnostic trouble codes



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Verified fixes


5 star reviews

Five-star ratings


Get for iOS and Android

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*RepairSolutions2 App is ONLY available for download in USA and Canada Apple App Store and Google Play Store and it will NOT work in other countries.

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BLCKTEC scanner supports all OBD2-compliant cars which are vehicles sold and registered in the USA and Canada after 1996, including sedans, light trucks, SUVs, and hybrids vehicles.

RepairSolutions2 App is only available in the USA and Canada.

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Stop Overpaying for Car Repairs

Be in the know and save on your next visit
to the mechanics

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Call us! We have Americans on the line, ready to help

BLCKTEC leads the field because we are a 100% US company. We provide unrivaled customer support, by Americans, for Americans

Besides US-based call support, we also have:

live chat

24/7 email support

Talk to one of our experts

English & Spanish available

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The BLCKTEC Difference

Our tools are designed for accuracy and ease, standing head and shoulders above the rest

Feature Other Scanners
Subscription Fee Zero Subscription Fees Hidden Subscription Fees
Design  Users Friendly & Easy Set-up Clunky design, hard to use
Application Dedicated App with Regular Updates  Limited-feature app
Verified Fixes Provide Verified Fixes & Estimated Costs  No Guidance
Support US based ASE Certified Support  Limited or No support
Scans Unlimited Vehicle Scans  Limited Number of Scans

Join Our Growing Community of Happy Drivers

"BLCKTEC has been a game-changer for me. It’s like having a personal mechanic in my pocket. I love how it breaks down complex issues into simple, understandable terms."

Alexa M., Car Enthusiast

Verified Buyer  

"I used to dread seeing the check engine light come on, but not anymore. With BLCKTEC, I know exactly what’s going on with my car and how urgent the issue is. It’s saved me hundreds in unnecessary repairs."


Verified Buyer  

"The convenience and peace of mind BLCKTEC provides is unmatched. It’s compact, easy to use, and the app is incredibly intuitive. Every car owner should have one of these."

Sophia R., Frequent Roadtripper

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