Our Story

BLCK (Building blocks) + TEC (of technology) = BLCKTEC

We say "Block Tech", and it symbolizes how we're combining the latest smart technologies (our building blocks) to create unique smart tools and solutions that make your challenging do-it-yourself (DIY) tasks easy, productive, and rewarding - no matter your skill level.

We Can Help

Life has proven that no matter what valuable mechanical or electronic item we have, it will one day break down. For someone who makes a living at repairing stuff, the knowledge and tools you possess is what sustains your livelihood. For everyone else out there, having the right tool and a reliable source of information becomes essential when you’re trying to save money by doing it yourself.

When something needs fixing and we get stuck, we adventurously go out there to find a solution, but get barraged with so many choices, prices, and opinions that finding the right fix to our problem turns into a problem in itself. With much frustration, we try to improvise with the tools we have on hand and hope the guy on YouTube guides us in the right direction. Not the best idea!

That’s when we started asking ourselves, how can we as a tool create make it easier for you–the professionals–do what you do even better? And how can we help everyone else, who may be inexperienced and hesitant on where to start, find a solution that makes you feel like the expert to take on a challenging task?

Our brand may seem like we’re the new kid in the block, but our history extends over 30 years. We are just like you, and we want to help you solve your life’s challenging tasks. This is where our mission starts! As a collective family of engineers and creators, we vowed that we would strive to create affordable tools that combine essential functions with built in knowledge to solve the task at hand –we call them BLCKTEC Smart Tools. We want to prove to you that you can rely on our brand for products that make your tasks easy, productive, and rewarding – no matter your skill level. And if you ever get stuck, we have our US based technical support team ready to help.

We can’t wait to continue sharing more of these amazingly smart products with you.
Stay tuned...