BLCKTEC 430 Telematics

Tool Functions

Reads & Clears Engine OBD2 Trouble Codes
3-LED Indicator for Emissions/Smog Check Readiness
Show Code Definition: on RS2 App
Identify Primary Trouble Code
Code Severity Alert
Check Battery/Charging System Status
View Live Data Stream
Battery/Alternator System Test
Supports All 10 OBD2 Modes
Graphing, Record, and Playback Live Data
Oil Life Light Reset w/ Maintenance Parts List, Clear Service Light
Read and Clear ABS/Brake Trouble Codes
Show Brake Pad Life
Show Oil Level & Oil Life
Read and Clear SRS/Airbag Trouble Codes
Complete Module/Full System Scan: Read and Clear Trouble Codes
Battery & BMS Reset & Initialization
Read Transmission Temp
Read TPMS Faults & View Tire Pressure
Read Odometer (if the vehicle supports)

*Features depend on vehicle year, make, and model


Pin Count 16
Connectivity BLE
Power From Vehicle
Dimension 49.50 x 36.80 x 26.00 (mm)
Firmware Update Through RS2 App

RS2 App Functions

Verified Fix Database for Parts Needed for Repair
Technical Service Bulletin/Recalls Information
Error Code Layman's Definition
Error Code's Effect on Vehicle
Commercial Repair Shop Referral
Scheduled Maintenance
Predicted Repairs